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Beautiful remodeled home

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Price $93,000
2 bedrooms
2.0 bathrooms
4361 E. Mission Blvd.
Space: 17
Montclair, CA

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Price $73,000
1 bedrooms
1.0 bathrooms
4300 Holt Blvd
Space: 27
Montclair, CA

Financing a Manufactured Home - 05-11-2017

Financing options for Manufactured Homes is the same as conventional homes. Please give us a call if you would like more details on Manufactured... click for full article

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Mobile homes for Retirement? - 06-20-2017

Yes, they are a sound investment for people moving to the life of retirement.
Social Security helps to finance many Manufactured Home purchases. Pensions also are used to set people up for a comfortable retirement. 

60%... click for full article

Manufactured Homes in a sea side lot

Why a Manufactured Home? - 09-06-2017

Manufactured homes are a great housing opportunity!
They can be purchased at a reasonable price and are usually built to the same high standards as conventional constructed homes.

We have many Manufactured Homes / Mobile homes for... click for full article